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Louis Rockafella performed at the Party of the year, Sir Elton John's "White Tie & Tiara Ball". Set in the grounds of Elton's Windsor Home, attended by many A-list celebrities, such as Michael Caine, Dame Judi Dench, Gordon Ramsay, Sarah Ferguson, Matt Lucas, Freddie Flintoff, Boris Becker, Lulu, and many more. With a Las Vegas Theme, Elton chose the best Elvis tribute and lookalike in the business to attend and perform for his guests, none other than our very own Louis Rockafella. Elton and Louis below, from OK Magazine.

The last date of the "Elvis The Concert" 2005 European Tour. The Sweets fly back to USA, and return to Manchester, UK 18th May to start "The Spirit of Elvis & The Sweet Inspirations" Tour - where Elvis fans have the chance to Meet The Sweet Inspirations UP-Close and In Person at all the venues for autographs, photos, answer any questions. For more tour info see our website.

On Monday 6th February Louis Rockafella appeared at The Spring Fair, NEC Birmingham for Legends Jewellery, The largest collection of stunning gold and silver Elvis Presley Jewellery in THE WORLD. The jewellery is licenced by Graceland, EPE and is now exclusively available in the UK. Many items will be available very soon from Louis Rockafella's public shows memorabilia shop, including The Sweet Inspirations Tour in May. Such a wide selection, something for Elvis fans of all ages, and would make fantastic gifts !

On Sunday 3rd October 2004, Louis Rockafella perfromed his Elvis tribute show at The Pejsegarden Hotel, Braedstrup to an audience of over 1000 people who attended the Gala Dinner Show that also included perfromances from The Bootles - Beatles Tribute Band, The Class of '64 - original 60's recording artistes and many more ! The entertainment went on through to the early hours of the morning and the event was a huge success and a fantastic experience. Louis is now looking forward to his 10 show theatre tour of Denmark with his band next Jan/Feb 2005.

Louis known as "The Spirit of Elvis" was chosen by BMG and HMV to launch the single as the store opened for business at 8am Monday morning. Louis performed Elvis hits and entertained customers who flocked into the store grabbing handfuls of the limited edition of the record. Laura from HMV PR company Coalition said "Louis was absolutely fabulous! Brilliant! Without Louis - there would have been no launch day for The King! ". Later, a surprise presentation was made by Richard Orr, of BMG, who presented Louis with a very special Award, a 24k gold framed edition of the 10" single for his help with the launch and to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Rock'n'Roll.

The world’s greatest impersonators – Why Elvis still fascinates

In the history of the world, there have been talented people who have amazed beautiful escorts and all of us with their performances. This way they have remained alive in the heart of individuals from across the world. Among the numerous great names of celebrities that we will never forget, Elvis will always play a significant role due to various reasons. The world is filled with fans who have impersonated him for many years. Such people always find great joy in sharing their special gift with the world.

The role of great impersonators around the world

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People speaking about the unmistakable performances of great celebrities like Elvis will always have something special to share with the world. Famous impersonators of such artists like Shawn Klush always have a wide list of reasons why they consider such talented people as models who still fascinate those with an eye for unusual gifts. An attractive Los Angeles escort will always admire such talent and offer reasons why appreciating the special moments offered by talented fans from across the globe is a good idea.

Even when they are not on the stage, great impersonators have a lot to say about celebrities they love for their exceptional talent. You can find them engaging in interesting roles either on stage or in the comfort of their personal homes. They live to bring the beauty of the artistry in front of an audience who treasures the beauty of culture, art and real talent in every given field of activity. They are appreciated by many people among whom you will always discover a magnificent Los Angeles escort with good taste and proper appreciation for art.

Reasons why Elvis still fascinates the world

Even the magnificent ladies from the Escort Directory have been mesmerized by the vast talent of Elvis. As many fans have often declared, they always enjoyed listening to his amazing work and voice. Some of them have even been blessed with the talent of impersonating such celebrities with the purpose of reviving them in front of passionate audiences. Their first performances started back in school, during creative functions while others discovered their talents later during their lifetime.

Most impersonators engage in such activities as a form of tribute to the work of this amazing artist who has always made their life better. Most of them are great entertainers who offer their audiences what they want to hear and who find new ways of organizing special shows for those who share their passion. All these groups include beautiful escorts who have relied on the music of never-dying talents like Elvis all their life. Those fantastic women shall always be interested in paying tribute to his amazing work and talent.

Finally, most Elvis impersonators choose popular songs to sing during their shows and bring tears and emotion in the heart of fans from across the world. People have never forgotten his songs and will always cherish his uniqueness and appreciation of good music. As many gorgeous escorts who are fans as well would say, there are look-alike impersonators as well as people who sound alike the great artist. They will never replace him in their hearts regarding the value of his performances. And they will always try to take their skills to the next level with the purpose of treasuring his memory.

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