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I just had to contact you to thank you for such a professional and outstanding Tribute to Elvis at our Official King Elvis Weekend at Lowestoft. Nearly a week later our office is still being contacted by phone and email complementing us on booking what is now being regarded as The Best Elvis Tribute Show the fans have seen at our events. We are as you know The UK's largest Elvis Events fan club in the UK so expectations and attention to Detail are extremely Important to our fan Base Of over 19,000 People and They demand the Best and with such an accurate 70,s portrayal from stunning jump-suit to choice of some of The classic and obscure live Elvis tracks it was a joy.


Having seen the man live in person and met him in person, your show was at times an era experience but one that captured the essence of Elvis Presley Live. I am sure that your forthcoming Events with the sweets will be extremely popular and as they worked with the man himself it is a great testimony to your professionalism that they have chosen you to perform with. Good Luck with the tour and on behalf of me and all The 525 people who attended Thank you once again on such a superb performance " Sort of Books to express our thanks for your performance. You made the night of our author on the launch of his first book something very special to remember. Your professionalism and ease of performance in front of everyone was tremendous and made me realise.

On Monday July 5th 2004, Louis Rockafella, award winning Elvis Impersonator from Southport was at the HMV store in Oxford Street, London to launch the latest release of Elvis Presley "That's All Right (Mama)". A special limited edition 10" vinyl record of this single has been released and is exclusive to HMV. The single also available on CD is expected to enter the Top Ten chart on Sunday 11th July.

Louis mum

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